Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Movin' on up

Almost 3 years ago we moved from the Ft Campbell area up to Evansville to be closer to our kids.  We roughed it out in an apartment until I found the most charming of places in a quiet little neighborhood just steps away from our kids.  They have since moved and we have itchy feet to find a new home too.  I am leaving this up to the husband.  Since I chose our current home(and bought it, while he was in the field, and never even saw pictures) I've decided he gets to pick out the next one.  We have our eye on one.  We are hoping WHEN our house sells, crossing fingers, that it will still be for sale.  Since I am leaving the house selection up to the hubby, I am anxiously awaiting the purchase of new furniture.  When my husband and I moved in together we had a mixture of hand me downs and left overs from our past.  Im not one to get rid of anything with life left in it, so as things reach the end of their use they have been replaced or repurposed.  One thing that has well outlived what I expected was our sofas.  The hubby and I have very different ideas on what our next sofa will be.  Since we are sure to have a family room and a living room, I am guessing we will each get what we want.  Here are a few I have picked out.

There is only one requirement, well maybe two.  First one is, has to have room for the hubby and I to nap together on it, side by side of course, and it has to be comfy. There are so many choices out there.  Its a toss up.  I love the seating a sectional brings but I love the look of a sofa and chairs. What to do?  Anyone have any opinions on fabrics or sofa brands they would like to share?  I would love to hear your opinions.

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