Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Wow, Im finding it hard to believe that my last post on here was back in April. Has it been that long?  Life has happened in our house these past two months.  Husbands deployment, started a job outside of the house, school, soccer, softball, girl scouts, and an array of house projects I was determined to start.  Yes, those house projects were started, some were finished, others(many) are still in progress.  I hope to have the paint and dust cleared by the time hubby comes  home for R&R.  That may just take a few all nighters!  I have had many a sewing order, most of which took way to long for me to produce because of the schedule I was trying to balance.  And somewhere in there Momma got a new sewing machine!!!!!! Yes, I did it.  Its a Bernina.  Im thrilled.  I also picked up a quilt frame.  That is on back order but will be set up in my home in August.  Here is a picture of her.

We call her Betsy.  But the name hasnt been growing on me.  We might need to rename her.

In order to keep the balance, and keep my house straight, I vowed to stay off the computer.  This is what led to the 2 month hiatus from my blog.  Im working less, activities for summer have stopped, and house projects are coming together.  Hopefully this will give me more time to get on here and post. 

If you have made it this far, you really need to check out MamaBee's blog.  She has a super cool giveaway going on for a gift certificate to one of our favorite websites.  here is her link http://mamabeefromthehive.blogspot.com/2010/06/giveaway.html

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