Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Little Cake Boss

Last week, was a bad week.  My sewing machine was in the shop, I wasnt happy.  This week, the machine is back, and its working, beautifully.  Here is what I came up with yesterday.  Short post today, but the pictures say it all.  Cant wait to see this on my little model!

Go to my etsy shop if you would like one custom made for your little cake boss!

Looking for ideas for boy aprons.  So far I have a firetruck, fire hydrant, and pirate ship.  What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ham and Cheese hot pockets

This summer I canned a lot of things.  Problem is, you put so much work into all those pretty jars, and now I dont want to open them.  But at the same time, I feel ridiculous buying the same things, in cans at the grocery or from the freezer section.  What to do?   yeah yeah yeah, I know the answer is plainly obvious, but the getting past the pretty jars has been a difficult step.  To help push past the hesitation, the girls over at From mess hall to bistro and A latte with Ott, A have started a weekly blog hop.  Check them out and the other folks who are participating.  They are linked at the bottom of this post.


This week, I am opening up a can of tomato soup, but you could also use a can of pasta or tomato sauce.  This week I made homemade ham and cheese hot pockets.  It was originally suppose to be pizza pockets, but apparently no one told me there was a LARGE family of mold living in my pepperoni container.  So, we adjusted on the fly, and it was well worth it!

Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets

you need-

1 can of ready to use pizza dough(I used the longer can of thin crust dough)
Cheese of your choice, shredded
Ham, or your favorite pizza toppings if you are making the pizza variety

for topping-

olive oil
garlic salt or your favorite kind of seasoned salt
italian seasoning

To dip your hotpockets either your canned tomato soup or pasta sauce

Start by rolling out your dough or unrolling it.  you want it to be about 8 x 12

slice it into squares about 2x2 or 3x3  enough so you can pile your cheese and toppings and still gather the dough up and around to form a ball.  Once you make your ball shape, place the gathered side down, so your smooth side is facing up.  You dont want the ball to come apart during baking.

Once you have them all rolled up like so

drizzle with some oil and sprinkle your salt and italian seasoning on top.

Bake at 400 for 15-20 minutes, until lightly browned.

Dip in your choice of sauce, and enjoy. 
Dont forget to stop by and check out the other great recipes this week.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Moving and Selling

Its no secret anymore that we want to sell our house. Its been an ongoing thought and a thorn in myside for sometime now. I had a small accident and havent been able to lift, then my daughter breaks her arm, so my helper, isnt much help either. Needless to say selling has been put off for another month. Meanwhile, I look more and more around my house, envisioning our new home, and what I want in it. Our dining room tables was the first thing hubby and I purchased as a couple. Little did I know, he didnt really like it, but thought it was a short term fix to a tiny house we were living in.  So not only have we added living room furniture to our list of things to buy, but dining room furniture is on the list now too. I have a feeling this is going to be a costly move.

Large Flower Hair Clippy Tutorial

This post falls back to my post where I want more baby girls to sew and create for. My girls are out of the hairbow stage. So  I tricked convinced our local Joanns to let me teach a hairbow and flower clip class among others. So here I am practicing with you, the blogging world.  If you read through my tutorial please leave a comment, tell me what you thought, how it could be better or even if it was spot on.  If you share this on your blog please link back.
 Most of the classes I teach at Joanns are to people who have no creativity or crafty spirit in them at all.  I often assume the little steps are implied, and then find myself going through them step by step in the classes, hoping not to insult anyones intelligence while doing so. 

Here are the clippies finished.

Here is your supply list and a picture, incase you need a visual refence like me

Large 1 inch gems
Coordinating 3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon
Fabritac glue
E6000 adhesive
needle and thread(I use dental floss)
wire cutter(to get your flowers off the stems)

Start by removing the flowers from the stems.  You also want to remove the flower center(yellow fuzzy part)

You might need wire cutters here.

Now your flower should look naked like these

Now we are going to take our needle and thread and sew aroung the hole in the middle.  Our gem is going to cover the stitching.  This sewing is going to keep all our layers of petals together.

It doesnt have to look pretty. Again, the gem will be glued over this area and cover the stitching.

Here are the gems I chose.  These come in lots of colors and shapes. We are going to use E6000 glue to attach these.  DO NOT use fabritac, it will eat the shiney mirror like finish off the back of your gems and you wont like the results.  If you dont have E6000, I dont have any other suggestion for you at this time.

You only need a little bit of glue, its spreads thin once you press it on your flower.
After your gem is placed on the flower with the glue, we are going to line our clips with the ribbon, to give them a more finished look. Once you cut your ribbong to size, I use a lighter and gently pass the ends of my ribbon by the flame NOT THRU THE FLAME and heat seal the ends.

I like to leave one of the prongs of the clip unlined.  You can do it however you would like.  But this is my technique.

I smooth a layer of fabritac on the ribbon to hold it to the clip. Or you could also use E6000, it just takes longer to dry.

Once you get your clips lined lay a small bead of e6000 on your flower backs and place the ribbon side down on your flower.  I use small clamps to smoosh the gem and flower and clip all together, so you have a good glue adhesion to all layers.

And here is the finished product.  Now if I had a little girl model, this would be complete.

Please do not use my photos with out asking, but feel free to link to this post if you want to share this tutorial.

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