Monday, June 14, 2010

Key Fobs for everyone!

Not to long ago, right here on this blog, I announced a new item that was going to be appearing in my shop.  Only problem is, it never showed up!  lol  Seems that I have been selling these cuties, but never added them to Etsy.  Well today will be the day!  If you have been wanting one, your wait is over.  Head in to my shop this after noon and place your order.  Here are some recent orders.

Since Betsy's arrival(that name still hasnt grown on me) I have been an embroidering fool.  Lots of fun stuff leaving the house on a semi regular basis.  Some things dont leave the house.  Im finding new things to personalize everyday.  If I can hoop it, it gets some lovin'.  Im not so sure how my boys are going to feel about this. ;)  Maybe they will get in the spirit with me! 

More to come on the embroidery front.  But I just wanted to share these cuties, and let you know you can stop by my Etsy shop and get one for yourself.



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