Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Monday!

So happy to have this weekend behind us.  I pray for our neighbors that they have much luck with selling their house and then that the luck trickles down the street to our place.  lol  Spent the weekend in Indy helping friends get their house ready to sell.  They had rentors, I guess you could call them, and the house was left in disarray and needed paint in just about every room.  We spent many hours painting, priming, painting, did I mention we painted?  lol  Luckily floor cleaning was left to the pros and they are coming tomorrow! Another friend and I found our way to the cutest little quilt shop, on our way out empty handed I spotted some fabric that screamed her name, then some super cute Amy Butler fabric followed me home.  What can I say, I love her fabric.  I have just the project for her.  More on that later.

Hope you are passing the word that  my giveaway is coming to an end.  Go spread the word and I will chat with you all tomorrow.

Have a great week!


Beth- the mama bee said...

thanks again for your help this weekend! I am sore and exhausted! I'm sure you are too!

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