Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hey there Mr Postman

I am working on the making of a tutorial to decorate these little cuties, and let me tell you , its a very slow process. Lots of steps have been left out of the photo process, but its coming along.

Here are a few more Mini's I finished and will be listing at some point today. Comments are always welcome and I love custom orders!


The purple ribbon on this one looks blue in the picture but it actually matches the purple on the little flag topper.  I know a good friend will be right there to let everyone know I am color blind(not really;) but I assure you it really does match.  I was in a sparkly mood when I made these so check out the rhinestones!

If you have a strawberry shortcake fan then this one is for you. I knew I would have a hard time parting with this one, so I made myself one too! Check out the back.

More bling!


Sandra said...

Very cute...I think I have some of that strawberry paper too!

Becca said...

Too adorable! I love the pink and brown color combo!

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