Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moving, ugh

Moving.  That word makes me tired.  Hearing it, saying it, listening to it causes fatigue.
We have been blessed more then most military families to be stabilized for a VERY long time.  So long in fact I almsot forget we are a military family sometimes. Besides the year long deployments, camo, and combat boots that are sprinkled around the house, I feel like we have joined the civilian world again.  Its amazing how much joy stabilization can bring.  Moving. The thought of moving brings us back to reality.  Its sobering. The end. Well, not so much this time.  I am actually excited for a new house, the loads of new opportunity that await us, and the joy of living with my husband again without 2 hour commutes.
Ive mentioned this before but I long for a breakfast bar.  One of the things this move brings me is a breakfast bar! Woohooo.  Seriously folks, its the little things.  Among other pieces of furniture we want to buy, I need barstools   I am up in the air about what style will be the most fun and functional with 4 kids.  Im thinking some without a back, and with a solid surface.  At the same time, I would also like to be able to make some cute and funky chair pads too.  Anyone have an opinion on what works for their family?

Here is one I have picked out so far.


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